8th Grade Photo Winner - 1st Place - Kathy Sipan
8th Grade Photo Winner -2nd Place - Gunnar Mills
8th Grade Photo Winner - 2rd Place - Alissa Petrizzo
8th Grade Photo Winner - 3rd Place Place - Alexandra Rosario
Jude Frank with Bishop James Massa
2017 Squires
Congratulations to Gunnar Mills, Chief Squire
After School Fun
After School Fun

May 23, 2017

TO:  Parents of the Class of 2018

FROM: Mr. Alex Salerno, Eighth Grade Homeroom Teacher 

Ms. Eileen Harnischfeger, Principal

RE:  Meeting to Prepare for High School—Tuesday, June 6th at 6 p.m.

Usually the topic of preparing for high school is discussed after the annual Back to School Meeting in September.  As the process becomes more complicated, more time is needed to provide the material that you and your family will need to make good choices.  So we will meet with the parents of our current seventh graders on Tuesday, June 6th at 6 p.m. in Room 1 in the Nazareth Center.  Please note that this meeting is for parents only.  We will review this material with the students during the school hours.

At the meeting we will distribute the Public High School Directory, the Specialized High School Directory, and information about the TACHS (Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools) exam.  Having this material now will enable you to research and think about your options during the summer.

Please complete the form below so that we can have the material ready for you.  If you cannot join us, the information will be given to your son or daughter on Wednesday.  Be sure to follow-up with your child because we have only enough directories to give one to each student.

With your support and cooperation I believe that next year will be your child’s best so far and that each student will be accepted into the high school of his or her choice.

Meeting to Prepare for High School—Tuesday, June 6th at 6 p.m. in Room 1

Student’s Name__________________________________________________________________________

Parent’s Name___________________________________________________________________________

I will attend the meeting to prepare for High School on Tuesday, June 6th at 6 p.m.___________________

I am unable to attend the meeting on Tuesday, June 6th at 6 p.m.  Please give the directories and information to my child on Wednesday._______________________________________________________

CLICK HERE to print above form


*Thank you to ALL that participated and gave a helping hand at the WALK-A-THON!! Our IMMAC families are truly special! We are still collecting donations so we will advise you of how much our school raised.                                                                       

***Grades 4th and 8th will be taking the NYS Science Performance Test on Wedenesday, May 24th in the morning.

****May Crowning in the upper Church on Wednesday, May 24th at 1:30 p.m.

*****Ascension Thursday, May 25th, SCHOOL IS OPEN!. Students will attend 9:00am Mass.