First Penance 
Saturday, April 1st
NOTES FOR THE WEEK - MAR. 27-31, 2017
Monday         Art and Music Classes
                       Walk-a-thon money due
Tuesday         Spanish Class
Wednesday     Library
                         Parent helpers needed for lunch from 12:30-1:00PM
Thursday         Gym and Computer Classes
                            Special lunch for those who paid
                           MATH TEST - retest - same as last week
Friday                Gym Class
                           SPELLING TEST words this week :  acorn, applaud, audio,
                           bacon, crazy, evening, event, female, fever, flavor, frozen, 
                           locate, naughty, pupil, spider, video
April 1st
First Penance
April 7th
Annual Walk-a-thon
Early dismissal at 11:30AM
April 8th
Palm Sunday
April 12th
Early dismissal at 11:30AM
Easter Vacation begins
April 13th-April 23rd
School Closed 
April 13th
Holy Thursday
April 14th
Good Friday
April 15th
Holy Saturday
April 16th
Easter Sunday
April 24th 
School reopens