NOTES FOR THE WEEK - MAY 22-26, 2017
Monday         Art and Music Classes
Tuesday      Spanish Class
Wednesday   May Crowning at 1:30PM in Church - details on printed
                             Notes for the Week
                       Lunch in the classroom - parent helpers needed 
Thursday       Ascension Thursday - we will attend the 9AM Mass
                        Gym and Computer Classes
                       Special lunch for those who paid
                       FINAL READING TEST - read through all 5 stories in Chapter 26
                     in the reader and study pages 55-60 in the Superkids workbook
Friday             Gym Class
                      SPELLING TEST  - words for the week:  host, toast, globe, spoke,
                      foam, pillow, ghost, clothes, grown, groan, thrown, throne, throat,
                      choke, float, quote           
Looking Ahead:  School Closed next Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day
May 24th
May Crowning at 1:30PM
May 25th
Ascension Thursday - 9AM Mass
May 29th
Memorial Day - School Closed